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Photography, Photo Editing & Retouching Workshop


Join us for complete retouching and image editing workshop

Learn how to enhance your images on photoshop and lightroom like never before. This is a 7 days retouching workshop for around 14+ hours. Where you will discover photoshop and lightroom from a very basic level.

The price for 7 days retouching workshop is Rs. 4000.

For registration before 20th of Kartik , the price is 2000.
Contact Person: Bikram Malla. 9847100025

About the mentor:-

Anup Ghimire is a photographer-retoucher and a blogger. Currently working for Netherland based tourism company withlocals.com. He is also an author at Digital photography school and have been teaching retouching and photography. He also run a photographyblogwww.pixeltut.com and does videos on youtube regarding image processing and editing.

You can have a look at his work at




Details regarding the workshop:

1. Understanding in-depth concept of RAW and jpg
2. Understanding the difference between editing / retouching /manipulation
3. Understating destructive and non destructive editing.

1. Basic import and export.
For beginner even importing and exploring images is complicated. The interface of the LR at the beginning looks really sophisticated.

2. Adjustment brush / Radial filter /graduated filer.
These are the most powerful tool in Lightroom. If you can master these tools, much of your work in Photoshop could be avoided.

3. Few things to consider before touching up images.

You just don’t start retouching your images instantly after loading it. You observe and first make a mind map. And then follow the map.

4. Understanding the concept of contrast, white ,black
Sliding these tools left and right is not enough. Get what this tool are really there for.

5. Levels in Lightroom

What there is a levels in Lightroom? Yes

6. Saturation vs vibrance
What is the difference and how will you use it.

7. Understanding Hue, saturation and luminance

Again sliding the sliders is not enough. Get a deeper understanding

8. Defringe

Sometimes when you print you image large, you will see some color lines that ruin you images. Understand how to get rid of these distraction

9. Vignette (post vigneting vs vignette )

Out of many ways of adding vignetting in Photoshop , Post vignetting is more handy. Learn why, when and how to use it
10. Cropping
Yes cropping is really an important tool. It can make or break you images.

Wait the retouching is not yet finished now you will be editing the same picture in Photoshop to exchange and take it to next level.


1. Tools
There are lots of tool available in Photoshop , and with each update now tools comes up , so its necessary to get hold of sound understanding of these new and old tool

2. Shortcuts

Shortcuts are the best way to achieve fast work flow in Photoshop. You can also create you won shortcuts in Photoshop.

3. Selection

Selection is probably one of the most basic and important tool you should master. It will make a things a lot easier to work with. There are lots of ways for selection including magic wand , lasso , polygonal and most importantly Pen tool.

4. Working with brush, its creative you and creating brush as per requirement
Brush is another key tool in Photoshop. Exploring it is a another way to improve your retouching

5. Masking and its difference with erasing

Masking technique is one of the breaking point of retouching skill some beginner to amature level. We will also discuss .How masking works and how it is difference from erasing

6. Clipping

How you can use clipping to make you workflow a lot easier. A technique you can use for advance workflow on your adjustment layers..

7. Understanding colors

Achieving the colors you see in 500px , flick starts with a basic understanding of theory of color which many of us tens to ignore it. RGB ,CMYK , Color mixing . We will talk about different types of color , significance of color wheel and how you can use color to determine the mood of a viewer.

8. Curves and levels

This is another important tools you should get the hold of in Photoshop. Learn curves and levels like never before. Go deep into different channels of modes like RGB, CMYK and learn how you can achieve desire color tone through these tools.

9. color grading

Once you have understood the theory of color you can now color correct you images. Repair your images from color cast, add a new layer of look in you images and make it look pleasing which in most case deteriorate the images. Knoweldge of curves and levels will be a lot of helpful for color grading your images.

10. Achieving colors from levels and curves.
For me curves and levels are a great start point to add color in you images. A deeper understanding of these tools will certainly change the way you use colors in your images

11. Selective color , color balance , Hue saturation

Another great tool to add to your knowledge of color in Photoshop. With these tool you can set the overall mood of you images , change the color of your clothes or other part of images , change the color to its derivatives colors.

12. image sharpening

A must know technique for retocuher. Not every time your camera can catch the detail of your scene and not every technique will get the best result. There are lot better technique that unsharp mask . Understanding these different technique will certainly help you to apply the best technique for required result.

13. Skin retouching

Skin retouching is widely used in fashion touch up and beauty retouching. But the most common problem is retoucher fails to maintain the skin texture and that when the skin will look more blur and unpleasing. A better technique will solve this problem

14. Dodging and burning

This is another technique to make you image pop out. Or you subject from the background. There are lots of ways for dodging and burning in photoshop

15. Channels

Most of our knowledge is limited to layers. Explore the channel and see how it affects your retouching

16. Working with gradient and its creative use

Gradient makes a lot of things easier in Photoshop and with creative use of it you can achieve a lot of effects which is very hard to achieve with others

17. Blending option and its shortcuts

Understanding this concept will make you retouching faster. Like with gradient Blending modes will help you to get certain effect which is very hard to achieve in Photoshop.Basically blending styles are the math in Photoshop so its not possible to predict the outcomes but will go learn how these blending layers works

18. Apply image & blend if

One of the complicated tool of Photoshop to understand.

19. Blending styles

Very useful to add styles in layer. It can add a different dimension in you text placement.

20. Panorama

How to stitch photos in Photoshop. Merging multiple photographs into one and working through it.

21. Multiple photography/levitation photography

Another genre of photography, which has been attracting many new and armatures photographers. We will discuss some basic steps to achieve these result

22. Working with different color mode
RGB is not the only color mode in Photoshop. Have u used LAB color mode . We will talk all about RGB , LAB , Grayscale , CMYK etc.

23. Difference in 16 bit vs. 8 bit
When to edit in 16 bit and when to edit In 8 bit
24. Black and white conversion
Every digital b/w white photograph should be taken in color or in RAW and later convert it into b/w in Photoshop. But a general b/w filter or adjustment layer is not enough. They’re a lot more inside.
25. Levels and curves with b/w

Levels and curves also make a lot easier to work in Photoshop.

26. Image manipulations

Its not a complete image manipulation class but you will certainly learns the do and don’ts and basic image manipulation. Adding shadows , adding contrast , use of transform tool etc.

27. Fashion editing
Here in fashion editing we will try implementing the technique that we have learned from color , curves , skin retouching , blemishes removal and also introduce some new tool like liquify tool.

28. HDR toning
We don’t go into detail of HDR but will certainly talk and discuss about tool and technique used behind.

How you do HRD in Photoshop. Explore.