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16 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Google Marketers


Everybody loves a little junk food. Cue the cute Pringles page. They have captured attention with a colorful logo and an adorable can. Fans gamely respond to their silly pictures and testify about the deliciousness of their chips.


Starbucks focuses on seasonal advertising and community engagement. Their page is filled with relevant pictures and testimonies from customers around the world enjoying a drink and togetherness.


Dove has multiple pages dedicated to women of different cultures and ethnicities. Each one contains different visual images. They maintain brand consistency with the layout of the photos and the content of posts.

Burt’s Bees

The company shares new products and sells directly from the page. Their employee spotlights also build a sense of trust and loyalty.


There is no better word to describe Disney followers than loyal. With several postings a day, they utilize multiple hashtags and even a “fill in the blank” format to maintain a high level of customer interaction.


The main landing page has strong branding. A blog about men’s fashion along with good comments and responses make this page unique.


Skittles uses contests to drive traffic. They dangle that carrot, or should I say candy, of possibly winning something in order to increase page “likes”.


Threadless followers can post their own designs and vote on which ones should be included in the company’s collection. Their page gets so much traffic because it is used to spread pictures of the designs competing on their website.

Community coffee

They have been around for almost 100 years. One glance at their page and it is easy to see that they picked up the marketing lessons of another popular brand. Check out the fall posts about pumpkin flavored recipes and the emphasis on community.


Would you eat Nutella with broccoli? Apparently one fan would. I know this because it was posted to the product page. The strength of this page revolves around asking customers to share pictures and posts about how they eat Nutella.

Coca cola

We all get sappy and reminisce on Facebook. It is evident that the company has found a way to tap into this trend. The page contains no new company posts for a month and yet I counted 15 fan tags, pictures or posts to the page in just the last hour.

Humans of New York

The reason this page is wildly popular is because it is intriguing. The photography is stellar. The quotes are compelling. The content is somehow unique and also familiar. Even before the page was peddling books and apps, it was genius marketing.


Liking a page is one thing. Actually purchasing something is quite another. ITunes captures my attention because I can check out new music and download it directly from their page.

Red Bull

Red Bull wisely begins with a call to action. You must like their page in order to see their content. You then have the chance to see their sports and athletic themed pictures,videos and posts.


Zappos uses their page specifically to drive traffic to their website. The company reports that these new visitors to their website made a purchase 58% of the time.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

I love a good laugh and an inside joke. Their page does a great job of posting unique content for their Facebook audience only. What a sweet marketing tactic!

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