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10 Startups That Will Change the Twitter Industry for the Better

Twitter is kind of everywhere. Everyone tweets, everyone hashtags, and everyone tries to brain-dump their thoughts into 140 characters 45 times a day. The name “Twitter” is very fitting. I picture little birds yapping at each other trying to clog my news feed.

With the Twitter revolution, it’s taught people how to communicate differently and it’s forced brands to rethink their social media strategy. Twitter is here to stay as #annoying as it is sometimes. This list of cool start-ups shows how people are reacting to Twitter, and how Twitter can be changed for the better. Check it out.

1. Thinkup

Wanna know the best time of day to post a Twitter ad? The number of retweets you got during 5 and 6pm yesterday? Great. Download Thinkup for 5 bucks a month and get a bunch of neat data otherwise unavailable to the average user.

2. Clef

So it’s pretty much impossible to remember all your passwords now because you have to use a capital letter, three dollar signs, a foreign language noun, and a Wingding character for all I know. With Clef, you get rid of all the username and password junk, and make a personalized digital key on your phone, which can log into any of your accounts, including Twitter.

3. Poptip

Poptip makes Twitter somewhat organized in how it reads the massive amounts of data, and gives you cool information about what users are tweeting. Brands can start understanding people’s opinions and making that information useful.

4. Hearsay Social

Hearsay Social (targeted towards financial service firms) also helps users see metrics and analyze social media data. Let’s face it. There are people out there who have no idea how to understand Twitter, especially *ahem* older people. Hearsay helps businesses grow the new way, through social media, not boring old cold calling tactics.

5. Twitter Fone

Do you tweet while you drive? You shouldn’t. It’s very bad. Really. Twitter Fone is free and lets you post tweets using your voice. Call it, say about 25 words, then post it. Simple as that.

6. Twitter Mass

It’s weird when random people start following you on Twitter. You want to at least know why. TwitterMass takes following to the new level, but actually smartly follows the right people. This could be a huge tool for people who want to market themselves, but don’t know who to add on Twitter.


Ok so this isn’t like directly related to Twitter. But there’s this start-up of a bunch of web developers who created this thing call BRCK, which looks like a brick. It brings Wi-Fi connectivity to tough spots that don’t get internet easily. What does this mean for Twitter? Well it just means more Twitter for more people around the world! Yay more Twitter!

8. Votigo

Who likes contests? Who likes winning things? Maybe you won something on Twitter. Maybe it was Votigo’s doing. Votigo helps companies run contests, promotions, and hashtag galleries on social media, making it easier to manage and help companies figure out what people even want.

9. Nexgate

Ever search for Katy Perry on Twitter? You get like 100 different Katy Perry accounts with slightly different names. Nexgate scans social media accounts and audits them to protect brands on the web.

10. Adly

There are some Twitter users out there who troll Twitter. They hashtags stupid things and they post 200 tweets a day just to get attention. You probably don’t want to be Twitter friends with those people. Adly lets brands connect to the right people – the influencers, creating good relationships and a positive Twitter community. And everybody said “Amen.”

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